Milwaukee Spare Tool Parts

Milwaukee is a top class manufacturer of Powertools for all trades, but at times even the best products will break down and need repaired or serviced. Luckily you have come to the right place for Milwaukee spare parts. Everything we sell are genuine and straight from the manufacturers service centre.


Milwaukee Parts Supplier For UK & Ireland

Sparetoolparts are one of the only UK & Ireland companies that supply Milwaukee parts. This makes our business the perfect choice when you need to repair your Tool. Using our website couldn't be easier, simply type in the model number into the search box and the website will show all Machines that match your search. You can then simply order whatever Milwaukee replacement parts you require to carry out your tool repair.


A common problem with anything that break downs is what is the make and model? and If I don't know where this information is where could I go to find it. Each manufacturer is slightly different but with Milwaukee they have two key locations that you should be looking at when ordering the spares that you need. Firstly look for the rating plate for the machine it is normally found on the side of the machine. It will detail key statistics and data on the tool including the model and also as important the serial number. The second is on the tool itself recently Milwaukee have been putting model et on the housings themselves especially with the new Fuel range.


A frequent question I often receive is I have ordered a part for my machine and the it doesn't fit. 9 times out of 10 it turns out that although the model number was selected correctly the serial number was different from their own machine.


So why would Milwaukee do this you might ask, well Manufacturers like to keep the same model number for as long as possible due to brand recognition but over the years they can tweak the internals of the machines, so rather than creating a new name for the machine they simply update the serial. So to summarize please make sure you pick and search for the correct numbers as it will save you time and hassle in the long term when your order your Milwaukee parts from our store.