Whatsapp Video Inspection Service


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WHATSAPP Video Inspection Service

Why should I use this ?

Not sure what is wrong with your machine? or do you need help with the installation of a part? Normally if a Powertool brakes down and you need to find the fault you take it to your local repair centre who will charge you £15-20 for an engineer to take a quick look at the tool and diagnose the problem, this can take anything from 3-5 days of your tool being out of commission even before they give you the results from the diagnosis never mind get you the parts and carry out the repair for you.

How Does the Service Work ?

Order the service by clicking the Add To Cart Button below. We will then be in touch with you to arrange a video call via WhatsApp. you can then show us in real-time exactly what the issue is and the engineer can then advise on what parts you need to order from the website in order to carry out the repair yourself.

For an additional Fee after the required parts arrive to your door, the engineer can guide you through the installations as well T&C's apply.

How Much does it Cost ?

This Service only Costs £6.99 + VAT